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“And there I saw a spike of green”


Melon seedlings just 5 days after sowing

Melon seedlings just 5 days after sowing

The wait between sowing seeds and seeing the first seedlings emerge, can be a tense one in my experience, especially if you are waiting for seeds with a very long germination period (chillies and parsnips for example). So it’s always something of a relief to spot the first spikes of green beginning to unfurl from beneath the compost.

Cosmos Butterfly Mix

Cosmos Butterfly Mix

Last Saturday (6th February), Little Mudlet and I spent a relaxing hour sowing tomatoes, melons, chillies and four varieties of flowers, into seed trays which were then placed into propagators. The propagators have spent the last few days, soaking up the sunlight on windowsills around the house and then Thursday morning I spotted the first signs of life in one of the black propagators, where a melon seedling was beginning to peek through whilst over in the windowsill propagator, Dwarf Dahlias and Cosmos were just breaking cover.

The tomatoes are popping up as well

The tomatoes are popping up as well

By bed time Thursday night another Melon and half a dozen tomato seedlings were visible and this morning, 3 Melons and two dozen tomatoes have emerged, including the first of the saved seed Chocolate Cherry tomatoes which are a particular favourite of Middle Mudlet. The sight of the seedlings has lifted my spirits and hopefully bodes well for those which require significantly more time to germinate.

Not to be out done, the Dwarf Dahlias are also emerging.

Not to be out done, the Dwarf Dahlias are also emerging.

Over the coming week Mud has said he will help me dig in the manure for the beds, as I’m quite poorly at the moment with severe Iron Deficient Anemia and simply haven’t the strength to do the lifting and lugging about of the manure bags which is incredibly frustrating, although I hope to be able to do the actual digging in, if I’m sensible and take my time. In any case, I’m hoping that if the weather stays fine, I can get out and do some gentle pottering about, clearing and tidying before the dig-in starts because it wont be long before I need to get the parsnip seeds in and their home for this year, is currently buried under a load of wind blown twigs and small branches from the silver birch trees.

*Post title taken from the poem ‘A Spike of Green‘ by Barbara Baker.

6 thoughts on ““And there I saw a spike of green”

  1. Hey, what are you germinating now?
    I have quite a selection going and a bit worried I have sown too early in propagators… I need to really tidy my green house asap!

  2. I really need to get chillis and parsnips sown. Broad beans already popping up šŸ˜‰

    • I won’t sow my parsnips for another month or so yet because it’s too cold and damp. I’ve had better results in terms of germination by holding off until late March, early April when the weather is warmer and more conducive to fostering germination.

      I tend to grow things I like and as I don’t like broad beans, they aren’t a regular feature in my veg patch. I did grow them as an over wintering crop a couple of years ago but they didn’t produce much of a crop – maybe they sensed my antipathy šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

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